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3 Tips For When You Remodel Your Kitchen

Remodeling your home's kitchen can be a very exciting process. With this project, you prepare to customize it exactly how you want. As such, here are some tips that will help ensure you are making great decisions and avoid mistakes.

Maximize Storage

A common mistake that people make when building their kitchen is not maximizing their storage. It's easy to look at a kitchen based on aesthetics, but you need to think about how you will use the kitchen and the storage that you need. For example, you may be considering cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling or a recessed area for decorations on top. If your kitchen has very low ceilings, you will be sacrificing storage space for aesthetics. As much as you may like the look for the ledge above the cabinets, you may be losing a shelf in each cabinet as a result. 

Maximize Countertops

Another thing to think about is the prep area that you will have in your kitchen, which means maximizing your counter space. This means that you need to think about what is going to go onto your kitchen counters, rather than just look at the square footage of counters that you are building. A great example of this is if you permanently have a drying rack to the side of your sink above the dishwasher. This is not shown in your designs of the kitchen, but it can cause you to lose counter space that you thought you had for prep work. You may also have a mixer or blender that will live on your countertops, which will take up a lot of that prep area.

If your kitchen is tight on space, see what innovations you can use to get back your prep area. Can you install a wall-mounted magnetic knife holder? Can the mixer go on a retractable shelf that pops out of a bottom cabinet? Can the cutting board pull out from the countertop and float over the open area? These are all ways that can maximize your countertop space. 

Consider The Lighting

One aspect that is often not thought about in a kitchen remodel is the lighting. Even if you have a ton of windows, lighting is needed to see what you are doing. Make sure to plan for overhead lighting that focuses on the space above countertops, or under-cabinet lighting that can illuminate the space. Track lighting can allow you to reposition lights as necessary, and easily add more lights later on. 

For more information, contact a kitchen remodeling contractor