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3 Ways To Tell That Your Well Pump Is In Dire Need Of Repair

Your private water well provides healthy and clean water consistently. It is a crucial resource for your home that will save you a lot of money every year on utility bills. Therefore, as a homeowner, it's advisable to ensure that all your private well's components perform to their fullest potential to enhance a constant water supply in your home. The well pump is one of the most indispensable components of your well that requires regular servicing to keep it in tip-top shape. It helps in extracting water from the well. When it is malfunctioning, your home can run out of water. Therefore, if you suspect that your pump is defective, you should hire a well pump repair contractor as soon as possible. It's not advisable to leave the repair work to semi-skilled individuals to prevent more problems. Here are three signs to help you know that your well pump is in dire need of repair.

You Experience a Drastic Decrease in Water Pressure

Your well pump may be the major culprit if you experience a decrease in water pressure throughout your home. For instance, you may experience low water pressure if your pump's mechanical seal is leaking or cracked. The pressure switch may also be defective if you experience this problem. As a homeowner, you need to hire a well pump repair contractor as soon as you notice low water pressure. The repair contractor will identify the cause of this problem and fix it instantly to restore the proper water pressure in your home.

Your Well Pump Is Running Continuously

Something must be wrong with your well pump if it is running continuously. A faulty pressure switch may be the cause of this problem. A continuously running well pump may cause your pressure tank to burst, which will lead to flooding in your home. Also, a constantly running pump will burn out faster. Therefore, this situation requires the immediate intervention of an experienced well pump repair professional.

You Experience a Sudden Increase in Your Power Bills

Your pump may also be in dire need of repair if your electricity bills increase unexpectedly. The sudden increase in your power bills may occur when some of your pump's components start overworking. A clogged pressure switch and a leaking pressure tank may also cause your electricity bills to skyrocket. As a homeowner, you should hire a skilled well pump repair contractor to examine your pump and fix the underlying issues to keep your power bills under your control.

Dirty or muddy water is another sign that your pump may be defective. If you notice these signs, you shouldn't hesitate to hire a certified and experienced well pump repair technician for professional help. Investing in timely well pump repairs will likely boost your pump's performance and elongate its lifespan.