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4 Plumbing Questions To Ask When Buying A New House

When making a huge investment like buying a new house, make sure you ask the right questions. Ask your residential plumber to assess the functionality of all faucets and the drainage system. Working closely with your residential plumber ensures you don't move into a house with plumbing issues. A house's plumbing and drainage systems determine if you'll be comfortable in it. Ask plumbing questions to gain all the information you need for smooth operation in your new home. Here are the four most important plumbing questions to ask before moving into a new house. 

Which Water Heater Does the House Use?

Before buying a new water heater for the house, find out which one has been in use. You might find that the house's water heater is still in good condition. In case of a replacement, details like how much energy the water heater consumes will help you purchase the right equipment. When you go to see the house, take the residential plumber along to answer your questions. Also, ask your plumber to assist you in choosing a suitable heater in case you settle on heater replacement. 

Which Plumbing and Drainage Pipes Does the House Have?

Remind your residential plumber to check the type of plumbing and drainage pipes in the new house. If the plumbing system is old and needs replacement, your plumber will assist you in choosing the best one for an upgrade. Plumbing and drainage pipes should be in good condition when you move in. An inspection ensures you know all the repair and replacement cost you should factor in. 

How Much Will you Pay in Utility Bills? 

Find out from the residential plumber how much you'll likely pay for the water bill. Factoring the monthly utility bills gives you an idea of how much you'll need for your monthly upkeep. Also, ask if the water provider uses a fixed rate, or if they provide every homeowner with a water meter. 

Does the House Have a Reliable Water Pressure?

Even though low water pressure isn't the worst thing in the world, it can inconvenience you. Remind your plumber to ascertain that the water pressure is reliable. If the pressure is weak, consult with the plumber on suitable solutions to fix it. Test the faucets and the shower to see if the water pressure meets your standard.

These are the four most important plumbing questions to ask when buying a new house. Partner with your residential plumber for the house tour for a thorough house inspection. For more information, contact a plumbing service.