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Learning About Upkeep Requirements For Plumbing Systems Hello, my name is Lelani O’Malley. Welcome to my website about keeping your plumbing system in great shape. When I bought my first home, I was shocked to learn that it was built in the early 1900s. Another shocking discovery awaited as I learned that the plumbing system remained from its original build. Upon learning those facts, I dedicated my time to learning how to keep that system in great condition. I developed this website to bring that knowledge to you as well. I want to help all my readers maintain their existing plumbing system for years to come. Thank you for coming by.




Make Living In A Tiny Home Comfortable With The Right Plumbing

Making improvements to the plumbing in your home can come with some extra work when you have a tiny home where the square footage is limited. If you're worried that the plumbing in your tiny home could be difficult to work on, it's best to reach out to a residential plumber for assistance.

Getting professional help with some projects can ensure that the plumbing will be the right fit for the home and your needs.

Calculate How Much Water Will Be Needed

In a small home, it's likely that you can't fit in a large hot tank. The downside of this is that you'll be limited with how much water will be available, making it difficult to have a dishwasher or bathtub at home.

Figuring out how much water you'll need, especially when you're not going to be living alone, can help you figure out what size of water tank would be ideal for your home.  

Consider Options for the Water Heater

Along with making sure that the water tank is the suitable size for your needs, you'll want to understand all the options for a water heater and how they can affect your daily life. From being able to quickly heat up water for washing the dishes to being able to enjoy a long shower, you'll need to see what you can expect from different water heaters and how powerful they are.

While you'll be limited in size for the water heater you choose, you can make sure that you pick a style that suits your home and is able to give you enough heating.

Make Sure the Plumbing Is Suitable Year-Round

If you're just now beginning to work on getting the plumbing redone or installed for the first time in a tiny home, you need to consider some of the issues that can come up as temperatures change throughout the year. The pipes will need to be properly insulated and protected to avoid issues where they could freeze and burst.

Checking if additional work will be needed to weather-proof the plumbing can help you make sure that the plumbing will be kept in the best shape possible.

With the above projects that a plumber can help with, it should be a lot easier to make sure that the plumbing turns out how you want. In a tiny home, the plumbing should be an affordable project to tackle, and the above tips can ensure that the projects are done to your expectations.