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3 Options For Improving The Comfort And Appearance Of Portable Toilets

Portable toilets are a simple fact of life for many outdoor events and job sites. Forcing guests or staff to travel to a building to use the restroom can be inconvenient, and not all locations will have access to indoor facilities. While these essential facilities are not usually the stars of an event, there are still ways you can spruce them up and help your guests to feel more comfortable.

Taking some time to consider your rented portable restrooms' appearance, comfort, and utility is a small touch that will make people at your event understand that you care about their wellbeing. These three tips will help get you started.

1. Pay Attention to Location

Choosing the right location for portable restrooms is crucial, whether you're using luxury trailers or standard cubicles. Always begin by identifying sites away from your main attractions that are easy to reach and accessible for guests with disabilities. In most cases, you should be able to identify a few areas that will work well.

When choosing between multiple candidate sites for your restrooms, try to select one where your toilets will be less conspicuous. Placing a row of portable toilet cubicles near a group of bushes or trees, for example, is often a good idea. This placement helps minimize the stark appearance of a row of toilet cubicles standing in a field alone.

2. Add Upgrades Galore

You don't need to spring for expensive, high-end luxury trailers to provide your guests with a bit more comfort and care. Speak with your rental provider about the availability of upgrades for their standard portable toilets. Some rental companies offer deluxe units with upgrades included, while others may allow you to add these features a la carte.

At a minimum, consider adding handwashing and hand sanitizing stations. Since standard cubicle units do not come with a water supply or hook-up, these extra features can go a long way to make your guests more comfortable. Your guests are sure to appreciate these small touches amidst the increased importance of proper hygiene.

3. Spruce It Up

There's no law saying you can't add a little pizzazz to your portable restrooms! Simple exterior decorations can go a long way towards turning drab toilet cubicles into something that fits more cleanly with your event's aesthetic. Adding string lights above the units can also make it easier for your guests to find them while also increasing their visual appeal.

Before adding any decorations, always discuss your plans with your rental company. Most rental companies should have no problem with sprucing up your rental toilets in a way that does not permanently modify the units, however. Just be sure to remove your decorations before they return to collect the restrooms!

For more information on portable toilet rental services, contact a local rental company.