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How A Water Heater Replacement Saves You Money

Getting a new water heater can actually save you money, even though the original investment may seem like a big investment at first. Here are several ways you save money when you get a new water heater, even if the original water heater installation costs seem high.

You save money on repairs

When you have a water heater replacement put in, you automatically start saving money on repairs. This is done in two ways. First, a new water heater will come with a warranty, so if your water heater does break down, the manufacturer will do repairs or replacements at little to no cost to you. Secondly, a newer appliance is less likely to break down in the first place, so the money you would have spent on repairs for your old water heater can be set aside in savings or put towards other home improvements once your new water heater is installed.

You save money on maintenance

Maintaining an older water heater costs a lot of money in insulating the unit, changing out old plumbing, and draining and refilling the unit. You also have the moisture issues to deal with periodically and replacing older parts as they become obsolete and need to be upgraded. You can avoid much of this by upgrading to a newer water heater model, even if you stick to the same brand you currently have. Your water heater replacement professional will show you several types of water heaters, including tankless designs, that can work best for your needs.

You save money on energy use

The older a water heater is, the more energy it's going to use to operate. The money you spend to keep your current water heater working varies depending on how old your water heater is and what type of condition it's in, but in general, you'll save a significant amount on your energy costs when you do water heater installation with a tankless model. Your water heater repair and installation professional can show you several models to consider if energy savings is your goal.

Whether you want to get a new water heater because yours is wearing out or you just want to upgrade all your appliances, you can get a lot out of your water heater replacement and start saving money right away. Speak to a water heater replacement and installation professional to learn more, and other ways that getting a new unit can be cost-saving to you.