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5 Signs A Place Needs A Professional Sewer Line Cleanout

Paying a professional sewer line cleaner to visit your home or business might seem like a big expense. However, it can solve a lot of problems early and serve as a much cheaper investment than repairs or even repeated non-professional cleaning. You might wonder where it's time to ask a pro to conduct a sewer line cleanout. These 5 signs indicate it may be time.

Several Fixtures Have Had Trouble

If you're seeing issues with multiple fixtures, there's a good chance you're encountering trouble with sewer lines that tie them together. For example, the upstairs sink and shower might struggle to drain when the toilet is flushed. Worse, they might not drain at all.

The further apart the problems are, the more you should be worried. If the upstairs toilet and a basin in the basement are both having trouble, the odds are low that the two issues are independent.


In particular, clogs can cause systems to groan and strain. When your sewer system seems to regularly struggle to handle it every time you flush the toilet, empty dishwater, or drain the bathtub, that's a sign it needs a cleanout. Thumps may also be indicators of trouble.

Notably, gurgles and swooshes tend to be fine. Your sewer system won't be entirely noiseless. Instead, you just don't want to hear it straining.


A properly operating sewer system should not send funny smells back into the building. If you're getting even a hint of a smell from the drains, it's not a good sign.

Be aware that these gases may collect elsewhere. For example, they might not be detectable near the drains, but you may notice them at the top of the steps above your basement. Check any spots where the air doesn't circulate well for smells that might indicate potential problems.


When a drain is in use, it shouldn't develop backpressure. If backpressure forms, it often shows up as bubbles. A sewer line cleanout is in order if this happens with even one fixture, but it's especially in order if it happens with several.

Rising Water at the Main Cap

A problem with the main sewer line that exits your place will be evident at the cap. If you have a yard, your system should have a cap outside that's marked as part of the sewer line. Remove the cap and have someone run a lot of water, such as flushing the toilet and running the sink simultaneously. If you see water back up in the line without quickly going down, there's an issue further down.

For additional tips, reach out to a local sewer line cleanout service.