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Plumbing Tips For Apartment Managers

If you manage an apartment complex, you need to make sure you stay on top of its condition in order to keep it in great shape for many years to come and to prevent the need to put out a lot of money for repairs and remodels. The plumbing in the apartment complex is something to stay on top of constantly. Read more here about some of the things you want to know and that you want to do as the manager of an apartment complex when it comes to the plumbing. 

Do annual maintenance inspections

Make sure your lease reflects the fact that there will be annual maintenance inspections of all of the apartments. This can be very important when it comes to preventing expensive issues from coming up with regards to not only the plumbing but also other areas of the apartment, such as the HVAC system and more. During the annual inspections, the different areas of the plumbing should be checked. The plumber will make sure the toilets flush as they should, verify that the drains remove the water quickly like they are supposed to, look to make sure the water heater is functioning correctly, and more. If there are any problems noted, then you can have them fixed right away and this is something that can prevent other issues from coming up. 

Educate your tenants

When you manage apartments, you will have tenants of all different types. You may have tenants who have owned their own homes before and who know how to treat the plumbing. You may even have a tenant who is a plumber. However, you may also have tenants who are out on their own for the first time or who have always rented and never really had to care for the plumbing systems in their homes themselves. 

Consider having a booklet made that covers all the things about plumbing that your tenants should know. The booklet can include things like educating them on the things that are okay to put down the toilet and examples of things that shouldn't be flushed. Also, stuff like explaining how grease and oil can damage the plumbing and what can and can't go down the garbage disposal can be covered. Include information on some of the various red flags the plumbing can give letting the tenants know there is a problem with the plumbing. Put an emergency number on the back of the booklet that they can call if they have an emergency plumbing situation that needs to be dealt with immediately. 

Have problems fixed right away

Even if the issue your tenant comes to you with is a minor plumbing concern, you still want to have the plumber come out right away. Tenants appreciate managers that act quickly. Plus, putting off any type of plumbing repair can be very bad because it can cause other plumbing problems that may end up being emergency problems or very expensive repairs.

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