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3 Household Maintenance Projects You Should Do Every Fall

If you've recently purchased your first home, you're undoubtedly excited about leaving your days as a renter behind you. Your plans as a new homeowner may include planting a vegetable garden, creating a pleasant outdoor living space for you and your family to enjoy, whipping up home cooked meals using appliances you've picked out yourself, and decorating the entire place to suit your own personal needs and preferences. However, there are some tasks involved in home ownership that are easy to overlook — until that moment you wish you hadn't. 

Household maintenance is often season-specific. For instance, you should have your air conditioning system serviced in the spring before the first major heat waves begin, and summer is the time for exterior painting, additions, and repairs. Some things should be done during later winter, such as inspecting and repairing window screens so they'll be good to go when you want to let in a nice spring breeze, while others are best dealt with after summer has run its course. 

Following are three maintenance chores that should be performed every fall without fail in order to keep a home looking nice and functioning well. 

Clean Gutters and Inspect Roof

Nobody really likes to clean their gutters, but if it isn't done, you'll end up with serious water damage. As a further incentive to have your gutters thoroughly cleaned, fallen leaves and other vegetative debris provide an ideal habitat for insect and rodent pests. Whether you clean the gutters yourself or pay a professional to do the job, your roof should also be inspected at this time to help ensure that you don't get any unpleasant surprises in the form of leaks during the coming months. 

Seal Up All Exterior Points of Entry

This project needs to be completed in early autumn before the nights become noticeably chilly. When nights start turning cold, that sends a signal to rats and mice that it's time for them to look for cozy accommodations for the winter, and you don't want them setting up shop in your home. Besides being unsanitary, rodents can damage your wiring by gnawing on it, creating a significant fire hazard. Sealing up all possible points of entry helps keep your home rodent-free.

Have Sewer Jetting Performed

Many homeowners put off dealing with sewer problems until clogged lines force them to take notice. Clogged sewer lines can create backup that comes through the faucets in your home interior, making it impossible to use your water or even flush your toilets. Regular sewer jetting prevents these scenarios from occurring in the first place, and because this procedure is performed using strong jets of water, it won't cause your pipes to corrode the way the use of strong chemicals does.