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The Purpose And Benefits Of Shut-Off Valves By Plumbing Fixtures

If you live in an older home and do not have shut-off valves by each of your plumbing fixtures, you may want to hire a residential plumber to install them for you. A lot of older homes do not have these individual valves by each fixture, but having them makes plumbing repairs a lot easier for you and the plumber that you hire to complete them.

What are shut-off valves?

A shut-off valve controls the water supply running to a fixture, and most plumbing fixtures have two of these. One valve is for the hot water supply, and the other valve is for the cold water supply. A toilet may have only one, because it only requires cold water, but sinks and tubs should have two valves.

These shut-off valves control only the water coming to the fixture they are connected to, and they allow you to shut off the water supply to one fixture only. The benefit of having these is that you can shut the water off to a fixture that needs repairs so the plumber can make the repairs without shutting the water off to the entire home.

If your fixtures do not have shut-off valves, the plumber would have to shut your main water valve off in order to perform any types of plumbing repairs on any fixture in your home. This can be extremely inconvenient, especially if you have to shut off the main water valve until the plumber comes. If the plumber cannot come for hours, you will have no water during this time.

What fixtures should have shut-off valves?

If your home does not have shut-off valves by each plumbing fixture, you should consider hiring a plumber to install them. A plumber is likely to recommend installing shut-off valves to every sink you have in your house. In addition, the plumber may also recommend installing one by each toilet and two for each bathtub.

If your house has shut-off valves but the valves do not work properly, you should have the plumber replace them. In fact, you may want to hire a plumber to perform a tune-up of your plumbing system. During a tune-up, the plumber will inspect all the shut-off valves and make any necessary repairs or replacements if necessary.

Keeping up with plumbing maintenance is a good idea if you want to prevent problems from arising, and it is also a good idea if you want to make plumbing repairs easier and less inconvenient for you and your family. Contact a plumbing company today if you need help with any plumbing repairs, problems, or maintenance.