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Avoid These Drain Cleaning Mistakes

There's just no avoiding a clogged drain. You might be tempted to let the issue go unresolved, especially if it's only a minor inconvenience, but a clogged drain can be a huge problem. Not only could it lead to damaged pipes which will cost you big later on, but accumulated food debris could be a draw from bacteria, cockroaches, and even rats.

Next time you're ankle deep in water, you'll probably think twice about ignoring the problem, but don't make these common mistakes when it comes time to clean your drain.

Using the Wrong Tools

A lot of people don't bother to get the proper tools to clean a drain. Clothes hangers are often used as makeshift tools. Sometimes this may seem effective, but only in dealing with surface clogs. Most clogs are actually deep in your pipes and need a special tool to remove. Using a clothes hanger, you'll probably just push it further down, creating an even bigger problem.

Not Doing Maintenance

Usually, you just ignore your drains until a problem arises, but you should actually be doing regular maintenance. You should be sure to check your drains each month. Run the water and make sure there isn't a delay when draining. You should also check for any smells that might convey you have clogged rotting food or bacteria overgrowth. Call a professional, like those at Art Douglas Plumbing Inc., if you do notice any issues.

Using Chemicals

Maybe the most common drain cleaning mistake is using chemical drain cleaners. They may seem so professional on the grocery store shelf, but actually they're a recipe for disaster. Chemical cleaners aren't effective at eliminating the whole clog, rather they just create a passageway through the clog. Pretty soon your drain will be clogged again and you'll need more of the chemical stuff. If you continue using chemical cleaners, through, they're so caustic that they'll eventually destroy your pipes.  

Not Calling a Professional

When you have plumbing issues, it's hard to identify the cause, but ignoring the problem can only lead to a bigger one later on. When you have a clog, you should really consider professional drain cleaning services. Since plumbers have the know-how and the tools to fix pipes, it's the only way to be sure that the problem is really taken care of.

Prevention is the Best Medicine

The best way to avoid a clog is by preventing it. Use a hair catcher in the shower and have your drains cleaned professionally at least once a year.