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Getting The Most From Heating With Alternative Energy: 3 Solutions To Make Your Home More Efficient This Winter

Winter heating costs can be expensive if you have an older furnace or boiler that use gas or electricity as an energy source. You want to be able to control these costs to save money, and there are many options for alternative energy today that could help. Some of the solutions can even use your existing system, so you do not have to spend on a complete heating replacement. Here are some of the best alternative energy solutions to make your home more efficient this winter:

1. Geothermal HVAC Solutions to Reduce Heating Costs

If you want to have a complete HVAC solution to reduce your heating costs, geothermal heat exchangers are an option that you may want to consider. These systems are easily connected to mechanical systems like water heaters, boilers, air conditioners, and furnaces. The geothermal loop provides thermal energy to the system to reduce the energy needed to heat or cool your home. These systems have been used for years and are an ideal solution for a more conventional HVAC system.

2. Using Solar Energy for An Efficient Heating Solution

Another energy-efficient solution to heat your home is to use solar water heaters. With the installation of solar water heaters, you will be able to reduce energy needed for hot water and to heat your home. These are solar collectors that heat water to provide mechanical systems with solar thermal energy, and they are an affordable solution to add solar energy to your home. The solar energy can be used to heat water in a boiler or as part of a furnace design to reduce the amount of energy used to heat your home with a forced air heating system. They are also a solution that will give you energy benefits all year by providing your home with hot water.

3. Renewable, Reliable Energy with Biomass Heating Solutions

If you want to have a heating system with a reliable, renewable energy source, biomass systems are a great choice. Biomass is organic materials, such as waste from agriculture and forestry, which is often in the form of wood pellets. Biomass may also be firewood, which can be used in especially designed boilers to heat your home effectively and efficiently at a lower cost than conventional energy resources.

These are some alternative energy solutions that you may want to consider to make your heating more efficient. Contact an HVAC contractor, like those represented at https://www.calldoctorfixit.com/, to get help with some of these repairs to save on your winter heating costs.