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Where's The Water? What To Do When Your Toilet Won't Flush

There's nothing worse than flushing the toilet only to find that there's no water pressure. The last thing you want to do is panic, especially since there might be a simple explanation for the problem. If you don't have any water flowing to your toilet, use the troubleshooting instructions provided here to help you identify the problem and restore the water pressure to your toilet.

Make Sure the Toilet Water Valve is Turned On

If you just flushed the toilet and you don't have any water flowing through the tank to the bowl, the first thing you want to do is check the valve that provides water for your toilet. It might have been turned off. If you're not sure where the toilet water valve is, it's on the wall directly behind your toilet, usually close to the floor. If the valve is turned off, turn it all the way on and then try flushing your toilet again. If that was the problem, you should hear water start running as soon as you turn the valve on. If you still don't have water flowing through from the tank to the bowl, you'll need to continue your search.

Inspect the Flush Mechanism Inside the Tank

If your toilet flushed fine the last time it was used, but the water isn't refilling this time, the flush mechanism might have be broken. To check the flush mechanism, you'll need to remove the lid from your toilet tank. Be sure to place the tank lid on a flat surface. It's made of porcelain and will shatter if it's dropped. Once you have the lid off the tank, look inside at the flush mechanism, especially the chain that runs from the flush arm to the toilet flapper. The flapper is a plastic piece that sits on the water pipe inside the tank. When you flush, the flapper lifts up to let water drain from the tank. Once the bowl is filled, the flapper drops to allow the tank to refill with water. When the chain has broken, the flapper won't lift up, and your toilet won't flush. If the chain is broken, replace it and try to flush your toilet again. If that's not the problem, it's time to call in the experts.

Call Your Plumber

If your toilet isn't flushing and you've checked the water valve and the flushing mechanism, it's time to bring in the plumbers. You've got a problem that will require professional assistance. When you call to schedule your service appointment, be sure to let them know that you already checked the water valve and the flush mechanism. That will let them know that they'll need to dig deeper to identify the problem.

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