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Learning About Upkeep Requirements For Plumbing Systems Hello, my name is Lelani O’Malley. Welcome to my website about keeping your plumbing system in great shape. When I bought my first home, I was shocked to learn that it was built in the early 1900s. Another shocking discovery awaited as I learned that the plumbing system remained from its original build. Upon learning those facts, I dedicated my time to learning how to keep that system in great condition. I developed this website to bring that knowledge to you as well. I want to help all my readers maintain their existing plumbing system for years to come. Thank you for coming by.



A Few Projects You Don't Realize Require A Plumber

You know you are going to need a plumber if you have sewage backing up into your toilet or if there is water dripping down between floors. However, there are other tasks and projects on your property that require the services of someone in the plumbing profession. Sometimes all that is needed is for them to come out and inspect the work that has been done while others repairs should have the work done by a professional. If you're planning any of following, contact a plumber to find out what is needed.

New Gas Lines

Any time you are having new gas lines run, you are going to need a plumber. You may need the lines for a new fireplace in the living room or a built-in barbecue grill, or you may be changing from electric to gas appliances in the house. In some municipalities, a permit may be required to have new gas lines installed. A plumber will get the permits and do the work. You may also need to have a different plumber or someone from the fire department do an inspection. Other places will allow you to do the work yourself, but you will need to have a certified plumber inspect everything before you can use the new appliance. Do not ignore the rule and use the item before it has been inspected, even if it was installed by a professional. Mistakes do happen, and when it involves a gas line, you could be putting everyone in danger of inhaling harmful gas.

New Non-Gas Appliances

If you already have a dishwasher or garbage disposal in your kitchen, you can easily replace them with a newer model yourself. However, if you do not have these appliances in your home and decide it is time to get them, it would be best to have a plumber do the installation. These items will also require electrical work that the plumber can do. While there may not be a law or regulation to have a professional do the work, any time you are having electrical and plumbing work done in the same area, you need to make sure it is done correctly and to code to prevent someone getting electrocuted.

While it may seem like a project is easy enough to do on your own, and it may actually be that simple, there are times when you should always use a professional plumber. If you have any questions as to whether you should do it yourself or hire a pro, contact your homeowner's insurance company. They may deny a claim if there is a problem and you did the work yourself.