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3 Reasons To Replace Your Old Toilets When They Break

A toilet is a vital part of every home, but toilets do not last forever. If you are experiencing problems with any of the toilets in your home, you could call a plumber to fix the problems or to replace the toilets. If the toilets are old, replacing them might be the better option. Here are three important reasons to consider replacing old toilets instead of making repairs on them again:

Old Toilets Leak More

As with any type of plumbing fixture, older, worn-out fixtures leak more than new ones. A toilet has many different components, and these can wear out. As they wear out, they can end up causing leaks. In many cases, the leaks are so small that you might not even know they are there. The problem with this is that small leaks cause damage. They can damage your floor, walls, and ceilings, and you might end up finding mold in your home from the water leaks.

While a plumber can fix most leaks, even on old toilets, it is often better to replace the toilets instead of replacing the parts on them over and over.

New Toilets Use Less Water

If you are concerned with water conservation at all, you might want to compare the amount of water your current toilets use to the amount newer toilets use. The toilets you can buy today are designed in a way to conserve water, and they are often called low-flow toilets. A low-flow toilet will use less than 1.6 gallons of water each time it is flushed. If you compare this to the amount an old toilet uses, you will see a big difference, because most older toilets use 5 gallons of water per flush or more.

Old Toilets Look Bad

The other factor to consider is the way your toilet looks. If your bathroom looks old and needs a facelift, why not replace the toilet in it? A new toilet will be clean and will look great, whereas old toilets look old, dirty, and worn-out. In addition, getting a new toilet will be the best method you can choose if you want to avoid leaks, repairs, and problems in the future.

A plumbing company can help you determine what is wrong with your toilet and whether you should replace it or repair it. If you would like to schedule an appointment for repairs, contact a local plumbing company today. Contact a company like Arnold  &  Sons_Plumbing Sewer &  Drain Services for more information and assistance.