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Rust And Your Pipes: Get Answers To The Questions You Have

If your pipes begin to rust, you will want to contact a plumbing service right away. Rusty pipes should be replaced, as rust can eat through the pipes and cause a hole. In turn, water can leak from the pipe into your yard or your home. Fortunately, rusting pipes is not something the average homeowner encounters often. As such, you may have many questions. Here are a few of the most common questions that are asked about rust and pipes and the answers. 

What Are the Signs That Your Pipes Have Rust? 

Rust can be red, dark orange or brown in color. The color of rust is fairly distinctive and most people can recognize the difference between rust and dirt just by the color. If rust is present in your pipes, your water will be rust colored. It may only one faucet or fixture that has the issue or it may be all of them, depending on how many rusty pipes you have and where the rusty pipe is located. Rust in water will also have a metallic smell to it. If you suspect that there is rust in the water, but are not 100 percent sure, a plumber or your local water authority can test the water. 

Can You Prevent Pipes From Rusting?

If the pipes in your home are made from any type of metal, there is nothing you can do to prevent rusting. The rusting simply occurs due to age and water sitting in the pipes. Most newer homes often use plastic pipes that do not rust. However, plastic pipes have a shorter lifespan and are more likely to freeze. As such, some people do still select metal plumbing pipes, even with the risk of rust. 

If You Notice Rust, How Quickly Do You Need to Call a Plumber? 

If you notice rust in your water, you do not have a plumbing emergency. This means that you do not need to contact your plumber in the middle of the night or on a holiday or weekend. However, you will want to call the plumber as soon as possible during normal business hours. The longer you wait to have the rusty pipes looked at, the more likely it will be that rust will eat through the pipes and cause a leak. 

Rust in your pipes is not normal and is not something that you should delay treatment for. If you notice signs of rust in your water, you will want to call a plumbing contractor out during normal business hours to determine where rust is in the pipe and which pipes should be replaced.